Edge of Wonder


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**This book has been temporarily postponed, and I’ll have a new release date posted soon. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, I have another book scheduled for release on December 3rd. It is a sequel to Tessa and Derrick’s story and titled Stranded and Spellbound. You can preorder that book here: 

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Edge of Wonder Synopsis:

It was a simple plan.

Alice Montgomery has spent her entire life hiding from the mercenaries dispatched to kill Wonderland royals. Still years away from claiming her birthright, she follows through on a risky plan to trick them into thinking she’s dead. Unfortunately, it works a little too well, and now she’s trapped, haunting an old clock-maker’s cottage.

Better late than never. Try telling that to the dead girl.

Sebastian Ward doesn’t give a damn about the prophecy that says he’ll aid a princess in claiming her throne. He has better things to do, like making a name for himself as a kingdom renowned ghost hunter. Dodging fate for years, his latest haunting brings him face to face with a ghost from the past.

Their paths are on a collision course, and when Sebastian is forced to fulfill his part of the prophecy, it triggers the mercenaries to resume their hunt. Now on a quest through a ruined kingdom where nothing is what it seems, he must decide whether guarding the last princess of Wonderland is worth losing the only thing he’s ever wanted, his freedom.