With a name like Graves, evil comes with the territory.

I live my life by a few rules: always carry a book, cheese goes on everything, and never tell anyone I’m a witch. Not just any witch, either. I’m next in line to claim the demon-hunting throne if anything ever happens to my cousin.

Enrolled in a local university and living a normal college life has its perks. Until one of my professors ends up dead and a demon is the likely culprit.

When the unthinkable happens, I’m forced to take my cousin’s place. But I’m not alone. I’m joined by a nineteenth-century ghost, his faithful ghost dog, and a mysterious new partner. Caden Bishop is drop dead gorgeous, but he’s got a secret that could get me killed.

Lucky me. With demons on the hunt, the last thing I need is another reason to die. Too bad, I might not get a choice.

I’m the dark horse in a fight against evil. But don’t count me out just yet.

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Coming Soon!

Book 2 in The Spellwork Files series

The Ever Dark, Ever Deadly Series

Available on Amazon. Also in Paperback.

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